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Local History

New Year's Resolutions

Officials of City and County are busy making resolutions

"New Year resolutions are the popular pastime now. Some of them are made to be kept, others just made because it's the season for resolutions. But, anyway, they're good while they last.

"Mayor Harry David Durst always makes resolutions. Sometimes they are partly wishes. Says the mayor: 'Sometimes I preach to others what I can't always practice myself; that is, to keep a smile on your face and a song in your heart, no matter what happens. And that's my resolution.'

"Presiding Judge R.A. Young of the Greene County Court has resolved to keep the county expenditures rigidly within the new budget for 1934. 'So don't be coming around trying to get us to spend any money not already authorized,' he warns.

"L.H. Coward, county superintendent of schools, resolves 'To do more for the boys and girls of Greene County and the public in general if I possibly can.'

"Thomas R. Gibson, deputy county clerk, says, 'I shall try to increase my love for my fellow man and my desire to help him.'

"Carl R. Johnson, Greene County Clerk, 'My New Year's resolution most naturally would center around my ambitions. I do most certainly resolve to try and be a better county clerk, and to give better and more efficient service to those we serve, to live within my budget of expenditures, to conduct the affairs of our office so as to show our appreciation of the trust placed in us, that the office will be a benefit and not a detriment to the patrons of Greene County.

"Roy M. Lawson, abstractor, resolves, 'To keep my name out of the newspaper' and asks the reporter 'for help in carrying out the resolution.' The reporter resolves that the resolution should at least not be effective until New Year day.

"Edwin J. Orr, Jr., deputy circuit clerk believes that New Year's resolution should call for a lot of firmness, so, says he: 'I'm going to give up powder, paint and lipstick.'

"Judge J.B. Ruffin of the Greene County Court is determined 'to spend as little as possible and give the taxpayers of Greene County all the Court can during 1934.' And he added, 'We'd like to have some help on that program.

"Virgil B. Hartley, assistant city clerk, has as his resolution, 'to do everything possible to make the administration a success.'

"Earl O. Cooper, city building inspector, has a resolution that will delight the building trades of the city, 'to use all possible influence to augment the building industry and make conditions better.'

"Ralph J. Brooks, city bacteriologist, states his New Year resolution this way: 'I want to do everything in my power to keep prosperity rolling around during the coming year.'

"Eugene Finch, deputy county collector, says: 'I'm resolving not to make any resolution so I won't have to break any.

"Charles Chalender, assistant prosecutor, doesn't make resolutions.

"'I just go along, day by day,' he explains, 'and when I decide I'm doing something wrong I quit it right then. No use waiting until New Year.'

"Sheriff Scott Curtis decides: 'I haven't any particular New Year resolution except to work hard all year, try to do right, do the job.'

"Clarence O. Blair, deputy circuit clerk, says, 'I resolve to tolerate in the other fellow whatever I find in myself.'

"Judge Frank Killingsworth of the Greene County Court 'hasn't given any serious thought' to what his resolution will be, 'But' he adds, 'It's all for the better.'

"J. Will Webb, probation officer, resolves 'to do the right thing.'"

News & Leader Dec 31, 1933

The image above is of Harry Durst from a Bias Magazine article published in 1951.

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