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Don't Make These Job Search Mistakes!

According to an article by Dr. Paul Powers, author of "Winning Job Interviews," there are more people than ever searching the job market, which means there is no room for error. It is easy to get stressed, frustrated and make mistakes. However, for you to place yourself above the pack, Dr. Powers identifies six mistakes that must be avoided.

1. Feeling entitled - A great education, immense experience and glowing references do not guarantee a job. It is highly important to constantly be improving your skills and broadening your experiences to be put at an advantage in the job search.

2. Focusing on yourself and not the employer - It is important to examine the employer's unmet needs versus touting your own brilliance. Instead offer the employer how you - the potential new employee - can help to meet the company's needs.

3. Taking rejection personally - Realistically, you will not land every job you apply for. Take the rejection and use it as a way to improve your interviewing skills, revise your resume or build upon your job-searching skills.

4. Focusing on your age - Younger applicants will see themselves as having less experience and older applicants might consider themselves overqualified. Instead focus on your skill set and the strengths you bring to the company. 

5. Looking for a silver bullet - There is no one sure-fire way to approach the job market. If you want to search effectively, you must use every technique in the book - online job postings, classifieds, career centers, recruiters, social networking sites, etc.

6. Absorbing too much news - Dr.  Powers contends that a regular diet of bad news will convince you that getting a job is nearly impossible. That is not true. He suggests that you get out, have some fun, work at keeping your energy up and network with optimistic people. 

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