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March New Science Book Feature

The lives of the brain : human evolution and the organ of mind by John S. Allen is an exploration of the evolution of brain based on recent work in anthropology, brain anatomy and neuroimaging, molecular genetics, life history theory, and related fields. Allen's book shows us the brain as a product of the contexts in which it evolved: phylogenetic, somatic, genetic, ecological, demographic, and ultimately, cultural-linguistic. 
Allen pieces together the puzzle of brain evolution. No stone is left unturned as Allen mines such fields as paleontology, anthropology, comparative anatomy and physiology, and the cognitive sciences. Allen's contribution is his interdisciplinary melding of theories, disclosing their strengths and weaknesses while squeezing them for evidence on brain evolution...His material on brain evolution is fascinating.
--Scott Vieira (Library Journal )
Let me be short and sweet: this is a terrific book. There wasn't a chapter I didn't enjoy reading, or from which I did not learn something new. John Allen provides a fine, wide, and comprehensive sweep of all of the areas that concern a more thorough understanding of human brain evolution.
--Ralph L. Holloway, Professor of Anthropology, Columbia University  
About the Author
Bio of the author
Lives of the Brain is John S. Allen's blog exploring the many facets of how and why the human brain evolved. It is sponsored by Psychology Today.

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