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The Job Search and Internet Privacy

Think what you post on your personal blog is private and anonymous? Think again. Many people have been fired for blogging confidential information or making inappropriate comments about the company they work for. Posting company news, pictures, and even making positive comments about a company have cost bloggers and social networkers their jobs.

How does this affect job applicants?

Consider the young man who posts braggingly on Facebook about a lie he told in an interview or at work. Another job seeker's blog mentions that she loves to party all night, drinks to excess on a regular basis, and steals on occasion. Neither of these would thrill employers or help either applicant land the perfect job.

Should prospective employers be reading your personal information? Maybe not, but, if you put it on the Internet and it's readily accessible, they can and they might. Some people list their personal web site or blog on their resume and anyone can Google someone they're interested in knowing more about. There's nothing to stop a hiring manager from doing the same.

Keep in mind these do's and don'ts:



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