The Library Springfield-Greene County Library District Springfield, Missouri

 The building in the photograph is the Ozark Hotel. The name "Ozark" can clearly be seen on the right-hand side of the building above the third story windows. The Ozark House, as it was originally called, was built in 1879 at the northeast corner of Benton Avenue and Commercial Street. It was built in north Springfield when the South Pacific Railroad Company built their depot there. The railroad company constructed the hotel. It was Springfield's first major hotel after the coming of the railroad. There had previously been a wooden Ozark Hotel on the spot, which burned shortly after the railroad came in 1870.

The photograph shows the building when it was being used as general offices for the Frisco Railway. The Frisco moved into its own office building in 1910 at the northwest corner of Jefferson and Olive. After the Frisco left, the building was converted to apartments.

The Ozark Hotel was demolished in May of 1931 by the Lloyd Brothers salvage firm. Most of the lot, which is next to the railroad tracks, is vacant, except for a small building containing Bicycles and More.

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